Quick update

I built another seedling starting box. I now have 4 CFL lights instead of 2, and the box is taller. I was worried about the plants getting too tall before they are ready to go outside. Heat was really starting to build up with 4 lights, so I made some vents on top of the box to keep the heat at a manageable level.

I was also initially concerned about not using specially made grow lights because I didn’t want to waste time and have to replant. That doesn’t seem to be a factor, and that doesn’t really surprise me. Any time there is a hobby of any sort, manufacturers will label something for special use so they can charge a premium for it, when the cheaper generics will do just fine. They just slap a different pretty label on it.

On 2/3, my pepper seedlings were maybe 1 1/2″ tall. On 2/11 my best one is about 3″ and they all look good. They all have at least the first set of true leaves. I notice the growth daily.

I also started a small Kratky Method hydroponic setup growing lettuce. It’s just a plastic coffee can with an improvised net cup thru the lid. The nutrients I’ll add are some cheap Miracle Grow crystals, epsom salt, and calcium / micronutrients dissolved from egg shells. Lettuce is supposed to be really forgiving when it comes to “improper” growing methods, and I will see how forgiving it is.



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  1. I have started a bit of a project mostly for “her”. Nonetheless I will write up on it. I have taken a bit of your input into it.


  2. Just curious, but do you “harden” your plants by putting them outside for a few hours a day before transplanting into the ground? I’ve never done this, and I’ve never had any issues. I guess I could see in some zones, for some plants, maybe…

    “Goof! I’m interested in how it turns out.”

    C’mon now, Gobtcha seems like a nice guy, no need for name calling, lol.


    • Hardening was never an issue. This is the earliest I remember ever starting seeds. Every other time I just started them indoors in March and then moved them outdoors after last frost, which is 4/14 here, That gave them a very late start. This is the first year I am taking a more organized but highly improvised (re: cheap) approach.


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