So far, so good.

I’m rather pleased with these improvised grow boxes.

My intention was to go the cheap route, and it’s paying off with some good growth.

Click to enlarge

Click to enlarge

Those are my tomatoes. They are nice and green with healthy and sturdy stems.

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And those are my peppers. I have Bell, Jalapeno, and some Habenero that are taking their own sweet time in germinating. I started all peppers at the same time, but Habs are on their own schedule.

I had to remove one bulb, and raise the box a few inches because it seemed there was some wilting from the heat on the tallest pepper. They perk up by morning, but they are getting tall.

It will be interesting to get a look at the roots. I lined the containers with half sheets of sturdy paper towels in order to prevent the plants from becoming root bound.


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  1. looks great, thanks for the update


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