Hardening my plants

I’m starting the hardening process, I’m not putting them in direct sunlight yet, but they are sitting outside for about 6 hours a day now. I think by this weekend I’ll expose them to direct sunlight, starting for about 2 hours a day and working up from there. I have time, since the last frost date for my area is April 15th. By then, I hope to have my self-watering containers all set up and ready to go.

I figure on using 10 5 gallon buckets for plants and one bucket to set the water level. I’ll use a large trash can for a water reservoir.

I’ve already got some food grade buckets for free from a deli and a restaurant. Food grade buckets aren’t what I’d call cheap. Lowes has them for $4.50, so I saved about $45 if I can get a few more freebies. So what if they smell like pickles.

Pruning the peppers really made a difference. I pruned them on 3/7 and they have already come back with some very good and bushy growth. The stems look sturdier too. I have high hopes.


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