I have almost everything now

I just picked up another 7 free 5 gallon buckets and 5 free 3 gallon buckets, all food grade. I’ll use the 3 gallon for peppers.

If you need buckets. go to the delis, bakeries both stand alone like Dunkin Donuts and inside supermarkets. They’re happy to get rid of them and I’m happy to take them,

Now I have to figure out how to remove all that donut frosting. I hear it’s hard to clean but I have a few ideas.

I like the idea of recycling as much as possible. It helps me by lowering expenses and it also helps keep it out of landfills, at least temporarily. Having a bunch of buckets in the side of the house might not look that nice, but maybe I’ll dress it up with some fencing. What I’m looking for is results, not a pretty garden.


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  1. aye, my experience in the restaurant business is: throw away any boxes buckets crates that are not in use. So most businesses that are corporate or chained should be willing to let go of there buckets. Most of the time I had to leave such things by the dumpster. So ask the manager nicely and he may let you at it.


    • One idea I had was to start a community garden at the local park using these kinds of recycled supplies. The only major expense I had was buying potting mix, but even that can be reused by adding a little compost and fertilizer.

      It’s a shame to throw this stuff away, especially when it can be reused to feed people.

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