I have the peppers and tomatoes planted in buckets, but they aren’t doing well, especially the peppers.

The tomatoes have improved but the peppers have many leaves that are bleached out on the top side. The bottom side looks normal. I’m thinking I didn’t harden them enough and the UV rays have affected the leaves. There are no pests on them, and I didn’t expect any this early in the year.

They’re not dead, but they’re sick. I’m hopeful since the newer growth coming in is a normal shade of green. And if they don’t recover, I’ll plant something else in those buckets.


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  1. I don’t think it’s due to not hardening properly. When leaves change color, it’s often a nutrient or pH issue with the soil. It can also be due to over watering, or a disease. I’d look into those things first.


  2. I thought about that. But this is new potting mix straight out of the bag. It’s a miracle gro with moisture control mix from home depot. I don’t water that often. Maybe 1x a week this early in the year. I don’t have the self-watering system set up yet.

    It affected both pepper and tomato plants. The tomatoes have recovered. And It’s curious to me that the underside of the pepper leaves are still green.


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