I have a batch of urine and ash fertilizer. I posted about it here.

I am using a 5 gallon bucket and almost 1/2 gallon of urine which dilutes it to a recommended 10%, To this I added about 1 measuring cup of ash from the BBQ pit. Ash is good but more is not necessarily better.

I also added about 1 cup of liquid calcium solution I made from eggshells and white vinegar. This is to prevent “blossom end rot”.

When I notice results, I will post pics.


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  1. succubuscontact

    Gardening can be messy business, but really rewarding, you can literally eat the fruits of your labors. My chili plants are beginning to grow, they really respond well to pruning. Have lots of things growing most just sprouted last 2 weeks, citrus, tamarillo (tree tomato), avocado, mustard, physallis star fruit, catnip and a few other. And i just begun to dabble with micro-greens, radish, beets and mustard. I’m really exited about micro-greens because it only takes about 2 weeks for harvest. And they are compact with goodness.

    When i have more money, don’t count on it any time soon. I’m planing to build a self sustaining system for herbs and micro-greens. It will be a box, with led grow-light on top, fans on side and heating system. Maybe hydroponics or soil, if soil based i have to figure out a good way to water automatically. And of course a few sensors for temperature, ph value, humidity etc. It will be controlled by rasberry pi or arduino.
    If i’m successful you would just set seedlings in there, and open up when they are done.
    Estimated price minimum 100 usd up to 300 usd.
    A fun project for when i get a job.


    • Even something cheap like sprouted oats make good microgreens. Supposed to give a lot of energy.
      Mung beans and alfalfa too, And I have a animal feed store nearby

      That’s a good idea. I knew about this but I should try it.

      That is an ambitious project you have in mind.
      Here is an idea on a set it and forget it method. It works best for greens and maybe herbs too.

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  2. succubuscontact

    You wanna hear something cool, my dwarf banana sprouted last night. When i bought the seeds i placed them in the fridge, they need cold for about 1-2 months before planting. I planted one seed just to see if it would sprout anyway it was almost 2 months ago, and it did. Soon i will plant those in the fridge too, it looks like my fingers are greener than i thought 🙂

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