Making some compost “tea”

This is supposed to really help the plants by providing microorganisms that break down nutrients so they are made available for the plant to use,

Here is a video that shows a comparison. It speaks for itself,

I don’t have an air pump, but I do have an aquarium water pump. That will keep it oxygenated and help the bacteria etc multiply. I let it run last night to help get rid of the chlorine in the water. I then added the compost and a few tablespoons of sugars (table, honey, and corn syrup) this morning and will let it run overnight.

For the compost, I’m using some of the leaves from last year that have broken down into compost. I also have a lot of worms available for making some vermicompost over the winter.

Also, I have at least 2 tiny tomatoes on the vines. And the peppers have so many buds that the plants will not be able to physically let the peppers grow to full size. They’re just packed with buds. So I have been removing those buds until the plants get bigger.


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