Things are wrapping up

The tomatoes were hit hard by blight. The self-watering system worked, however. I never had to water anything manually. I will use that system again. If anything, the plants were being stunted by too much water, and I got new growth only after I lowered the water level.

I need to pick a better variety of tomatoes for this USDA zone. I used indeterminate varieties and should have gone with determinate. Then I could have had a 2nd planting (transplanting suckers) and a second crop.

Compost tea is good, but I should have added a balanced fertilizer.

I planted beans in my compost pile as well as in containers that held some garlic that I harvested earlier. Beans add nitrogen, and I hope this will add balance to next years compost, in which I used mostly shredded leaves, which are mostly carbon. As a bonus, I might get a bean harvest for some winter chili. I’m getting a lot of tiny seed pods on these plants. If not, beans are cheap.

I will not reuse the soil that held the tomatoes for growing tomatoes next year. No point in having the same blight problems. I understand this mold(?) can live in the soil for 3 years. I’ll use it to grow something else.


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